Record 5 of 19 in INSPEC 1980-1984 TI: Inelastic scattering of electrons in molecular crystals accompanied by excitation of surface excitons AU: Strel'niker-YaM SO: Soviet-Physics --Solid-State. vol.25, no.7; July 1983; p.1287-8 Translated from: Fizika-Tverdogo-Tela. vol.25, no.7; July 1983; p.2230-2. PY: 1983 LA: English AB: Until recently, studies of surface exciton states have been performed mainly using optical spectra of electromagnetic radiation. However, a significant limitation of optical methods is the fact that only excitons whose wave vector k is close to zero interact with radiation. It is interesting, therefore, to consider inelastic scattering of electrons because of the possibility of creating excitons with a wave vector different from zero. DE: electron-impact; excitons-; surface-electron-states AN: 2211633