Record 9 of 19 in INSPEC 1985-1989 TI: On inelastic electron scattering accompanied by creation of surface excitons in crystals with two molecules in a unit cell AU: Dyakov-VA; Strelniker-YaM SO: Ukrayins'kyi-Fizychnyi-Zhurnal. vol.30, no.10; Oct. 1985; p.1550-5. PY: 1985 LA: Russian AB: A quantum-mechanical theory of inelastic scattering of electrons by the surfaces of semi-infinite crystal with creation of molecular excitons is presented. A cubic crystal with two molecules in a unit cell is considered as a model. The analytical expression is obtained for the electron scattering intensity per unit solid angle. The angular and energy dependences of electron scattering have been investigated. The Davydov splitting manifests itself in relative displacement of spectral curves. Possibilities of exciton band structure determination are under investigation. DE: electron-impact; excitonic-molecules AN: 2585820