Record 8 of 19 in INSPEC 1985-1989 TI: Inelastic scattering of low-energy electrons accompanied by creation of bulk excitons in molecular crystals AU: Strel'niker-YaM SO: Soviet-Physics --Solid-State. vol.28, no.8; Aug. 1986; p.1450-1 Translated from: Fizika-Tverdogo-Tela. vol.28, no.8; Aug. 1986; p.2582-4. PY: 1986 LA: English AB: The author considers an electron beam incident on the surface of a molecular crystal whose energy is of the order of several electron volts. For simplicity, a simple cubic lattice with one molecule per cell is discussed. The OX and OY axes lie on the surface parallel to the basis vectors of the crystal d/sub 1/ and d/sub 2/, and the OZ axis is perpendicular to the surface. The direction of the incident (scattered) electrons is determined by the azimuthal phi /sub 0/ ( phi /sub f/) and polar theta /sub 0/ ( theta /sub f/) angles. The finite penetration depth of electrons is described by a phenomenological damping decrement epsilon . An electron undergoing inelastic scattering which leads to the excitation of an exciton in a k-state is considered. DE: electron-impact; energy-loss-of-particles; excitons- AN: 2893659